I was having severe back pain and had difficulty standing, sitting, turning over in bed and walking. I had seen other doctors but was only offered epidurals which lasted a few months and then the pain came back. I was referred to Dr Armin by a friend. I made an appointment and he sent me for tests after which I returned to see him. He originally thought he would need to do major surgery but as a result of the tests he could see that I should benefit from a less complicated outpatient procedure. Within a mater of a couple of weeks the surgery was completed. I went into the hospital in pain and after surgery I could immediately tell the pain was gone. He was honest with me about the fact that there is no way to tell how long these results will last. I may eventually need a more major surgery but it has been over four months and I am still free of pain.
Gale Ray
Dr. Armin has made me feel human again. After years of carpel tunnel issues I finally decided to seek help. I ended up needing surgery – which is what I didn’t want to do – but I agreed because I was at that point where I would do anything to get rid of the numb tingling feeling. Now I am ‘like new’ and have tons more improvement in my hands and wrists. Thank you Dr. Armin. You are amazing. I highly recommend Dr. Armin and his sweet office staff.
Leslie Stokes
I am living and walking testimony of the wonderful work performed by Dr. Sean Armin.  When I met Dr. Armin in October, 2011, I was in severe pain and wheelchair bound.  He took one look at my MRI's and he instantly reassured me that, after he operated on me, I would walk again.  His sense of certainty made me feel confident that I was in good hands and that I was going to be all right.  As he spoke to me while I was being prepared for surgery and as I was entering the operating room, he only reinforced my confidence in him.
Robert Guerrero
I felt comfortable immediately entering Dr. Armin's office. I saw and heard him talking to a patient in the most natural and kind way. Dr Armin was great at explaining the surgical procedure to me and listening to my many questions. From day one I knew I was in safe hands. He has not lost the art of Dr./patient care, concern and healing. I believe confidence in your doctor is half your recovery. Also, Nancy is the Best receptionist ever!! She is the one to get it done! She is worth her weight in gold!! Kudos!!
Shari Brandon

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